First off, thanks for embarking on this journey with me!

I created The Barre + Yoga Experience so that together, we could form a community free of judgment + self-doubt. A community where we can escape the stress + anxieties of every-day life. We live in a world so used to being told how we should look, how we should act, how we should feel + we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others. My goal at BYE is to make you comfortable in your body TODAY, how it is NOW. Everything is a mindset. Taking a class at BYE is more than a workout, it's an experience.

If you're looking for a studio that's going to make you work off the pizza you ate last night - we're not that place. Exercise isn't a form of punishment. It's about doing something healthy for your body and mind. When you walk through the doors at BYE, it’s you and your mat, with a community of people supporting you. Set your intentions to move with a purpose and figure out what motivates you. There’s no greater feeling than pushing yourself further than you thought you could go, overcoming the fear of weakness with strength. Weakness, what is weakness? Weakness is giving up before you even try. Trying takes courage, courage takes strength. You’re strong, whether you believe it or not. I’ll tell you until I’m blue in the face and eventually hopefully you’ll start to believe me + believe in yourself. “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you’re right” – Henry Ford

Can’t wait to meet you! Xo

P.S. Eat the pizza, drink the margarita. Life’s too short!

- Angela